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Lawn and Landscape

  • Florida Native Yard
    A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard

    From the publisher:


    Join the growing wave of Florida residents replacing the high-maintenance, water-hungry, chemical-soaked lawns with vibrant native plants! Whether you're eager to reduce your carbon footprint, save precious time, slash water bills, or invite more birds and butterflies into your backyard, this beautifully illustrated guide has got your back. Ready to transform your outdoor space into a haven of sustainability and beauty? Get your copy today!


    University Press of Florida. 136 pp.
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  • Xerces Society Guide Attracting Native Pollinators
    Attracting Native Pollinators (Xerces Society Guide)
    From the publisher:

    Bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, flies, and some beetles pollinate more than 70 percent of flowering plants, yet North America's native pollinators confront numerous threats to their health and habitat. The Xerces Society presents a comprehensive action plan for safeguarding these industrious animals by offering flowering habitat and nesting sites.

    Published by Storey Publishing. ISBN 978-1-60342-695-4, 372 pages, 2011.
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  • Basics of Landscaping in Florida Bilingual ID Deck
    Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos de Paisajismo en Florida

    There is a science to maintaining beautiful Florida landscapes using less water and fewer chemicals to achieve great results and happy clients while helping to protect the future of Florida and our precious water resources.

    This booklet will describe the basic best landscaping practices in English and Spanish. It will also show landscaping professionals opportunities for more training, professional licensing, and certification.

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    Hay una ciencia para mantener los hermosos paisajes de Florida usando menos agua y menos productos químicos para lograr excelentes resultados y clientes satisfechos, al mismo tiempo que se ayuda a proteger el futuro de Florida y nuestros preciosos recursos hídricos.

    Este folleto describirá las mejores prácticas básicas de paisajismo en inglés y español. También ofrecerá oportunidades de capacitación adicional, licencias profesionales y certificaciones para profesionales del paisajismo.

    Si desea comprar 25 copias o más, por favor contáctenos en o al 800-226-1764 para conocer precios especiales.

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  • Botanical Keys to Florida's Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines
    Botanical Keys to Florida's Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines

    By Gil Nelson:

    This unique botanical key serves as a field guide for both amateurs and professionals, showcasing the leaves, flowers, fruit, and other characteristics of 968 species of trees, shrubs, and vines. The guide includes two keys: the Master Key to Major Groups of Woody Plants, leading to subsidiary keys or a plant family, and family keys that identify species within specific families. For further convenience, species within particular genera are grouped together. In addition to detailed plant descriptions, the author provides insights into the likely areas where each can be found, accompanied by a Glossary of Common Botanical Terms.
    208 pp. Pineapple Press (2011)

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  • Lawn Sprinkler System
    Calibrating Your Lawn Sprinkler System

    Promote a lush lawn while conserving water and reducing bills with this informative 12" x 18" poster. Learn the correct calibration techniques for your lawn sprinkler system through vivid visuals and clear instructions.

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  • Climate Wise Landscaping
    Climate-Wise Landscaping
    By Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt

    From the publisher:
    Drawing on decades of experience, this book is filled with simple, practical steps that anyone can take to enhance the beauty of their landscape or garden while contributing to the protection of the planet and its diverse species. Topics covered include:

    Actively reducing our carbon footprint through appropriate landscaping and gardening
    Improving air and water quality
    Enhancing physical comfort during hotter seasons
    Supporting birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife
    Ideal for homeowners, gardeners, and landscape professionals committed to being part of the solution to climate change.

    New Society Publishers, 308 pp
    ISBN 978-0-86571-888-3

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  • Desórdenes y Enfermedades de las Palmas Ornamentales
    Desórdenes y Enfermedades de las Palmas Ornamentales
    Tanto las palmas nativas como las introducidas, que crecen en los Estados Unidos, sufren de desórdenes y enfermedades. Los desórdenes incluyen las deficiencias nutricionales, además de los daños naturales y los ocasionados por el hombre. Puede ser difícil diferenciar los desórdenes de las enfermedades o diferenciar los desórdenes individuales de las enfermedades correspondientes. Esta colección de fichas ilustra los problemas comunes en las palmas e intenta guiar al usuario en la diferenciación de los problemas. 2.ª Edición.
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  • Disorders and Diseases of Ornamental Palms ID Deck
    Disorders and Diseases of Ornamental Palms, 2nd Edition
    Recently revised and updated, this ID deck is a diagnostic tool for landscape professionals and backyard hobbyists. The color photographs and explanatory text help users identify and distinguish between the nutritional deficiencies, physiological disorders, and common diseases of ornamental palms. All palms in the U.S. suffer from disorders and diseases, and identifying the differences can be tricky. These cards feature photographs and descriptions and are cross-referenced for easy comparison between different symptoms and the potential problems causing them. Includes a table of contents and 55 laminated, ring-bound cards.

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  • Exotic Oak Pests and Pathogens ID Deck
    Exotic Oak Pests and Pathogens of the Southeastern U.S.

    Even the mightiest oaks are vulnerable to diseases and damaging pest insects. This handy identification deck serves as a quick-reference screening guide for invasive pests and pathogens of special concern to oaks in Florida and throughout the Southeast. Exotic and established pest species and pathogens are covered, and each entry includes photos and descriptions of pest life cycle stages, morphologies, damage, distribution, and common host plants. Also includes instructions on reporting and submitting samples if you suspect oak pests are in your area.

    92pp., 3” x 4", ring-bound, and laminated

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  • Florida Landscape Plants
    Florida Landscape Plants
    In its third edition, this essential guide to ornamental gardening in Florida profiles over 400 plants, providing detailed insights into their specific requirements for thriving. Each entry is accompanied by precise drawings for easy identification and comprehensive information on factors such as soil composition, light conditions, and salt tolerance.
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  • Florida Lawn Handbook: Best Management Practices for Your Home Lawn in Florida, Third Edition
    Florida Lawn Handbook: Best Management Practices for Your Home Lawn in Florida, Third Edition
    Third Edition
    Written in practical language by turfgrass experts, this highly anticipated new edition offers the most current lawn management information. Color plates identify various grass types, weeds, diseases, and insects—including those that are good for your lawn! Chapters cover selection, establishment, and maintenance for each type of lawn; soil analysis and fertilization; yearly calendars for lawn care and culture; mowing, watering, and calibrating sprinkler systems and fertilizer spreaders; overseeding for winter color; preparing a lawn for drought and low temperatures; safe pesticide application and use; the latest integrated pest management strategies; organic lawn care; and complete, illustrated diagnostic information for weeds, diseases, insect problems, nematodes, and other pests. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, The Florida Lawn Handbook is an invaluable aid to growing a beautiful, healthy lawn year-round. 172 pp. REVISED!

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  • Florida Palms - A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Palms of Florida
    Florida Palms - A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Palms of Florida
    From Waterford Press:
    Palms are ubiquitous in the Sunshine State, forming its famous skyline and even gracing its state flag. A product of tropical and subtropical habitats, both native and non-native palm species thrive in the unique ecosystems of this southernmost state. Florida Palms features 40 species of palms found in the state and will help even the casual onlooker begin to differentiate one palm species from another.

    By James Kavanagh, edited and photos by Timothy Broschat, ISBN 978-1-62005-510-6.

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  • Florida Wildflowers in Their Natural Communities
    Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide
    Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide is a new edition of Florida Wildflowers in their Natural Communities, vastly expanded with wetlands coverage and updated with new taxonomy. This is a different kind of field guide, one that categorizes Florida wildflowers not just by their color or family group, but by the natural habitats in which they're found. Over 500 color photos and detailed descriptions outline the major terrestrial communities of Florida and the wildflowers unique to each. It also includes a guide to identifying wildflowers, a list of places to visit, a glossary, references, and indexes of people and places, species and families. Whether you're a gardener, a naturalist, or just a visitor interested in Florida's ecology, you'll find this guide indispensable.

    A publication of the University Press of Florida. 584 pp.
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  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping Pattern Book
    Florida-Friendly Landscaping Pattern Book
    Florida-Friendly Landscaping is a common-sense approach to gardening that begins with the principle, 'The Right Plant for the Right Place.' This pattern book is a guide to finding the right plants for your part of Florida and the right place in your yard for planting them. Written by UF/IFAS horticulturists and professional landscape designers, this lushly illustrated guide offers landscape plans and comprehensive lists of native and Florida-friendly plants suitable for each of Florida’s USDA hardiness zones, as well as sections on plant groups, irrigation, and helpful landscape design tips. Whether you live in the Panhandle or the Gold Coast, the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Pattern Book will help you find the right plants to make your landscape look beautiful with a minimum of water, fertilizer, and maintenance. Color, 71 pp.
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  • Florida Friendly Plants for Retention Ponds
    Florida-Friendly Plants for Retention Ponds
    By, and in loving memory of, Rebecca Jordi

    Stormwater retention ponds are designed to control flooding and enhance water quality by filtering nutrients out of the rainwater washing across lawns, fields, and pavements after storms. Unfortunately, the turfgrass embankments surrounding many retention ponds in Florida do an inadequate job of nutrient filtration, so they become pools of green algae, invasive weeds, and mosquitoes, which are unsightly, unhealthy, and impair the function ponds are designed to have.

    Creating a buffer zone of native and Florida-friendly plants around retention ponds will filter stormwater reaching the shoreline, reducing algae blooms and creating a beneficial ecosystem to improve pond appearance and service to the surrounding environment.

    "Right plant, right place" is the first principle of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program, which works with communities around the state to develop sustainable approaches to creating beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes. Plant selection is particularly important for retention ponds because the planting area includes a dry slope and a littoral shelf with both shallow and deep water areas. This guide is a guide to native and Florida-friendly plants that are uniquely suited for these areas.
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  • Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants
    Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants
    Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants: 200 Readily Available Species for Homeowners and Professionals
    Gil Nelson

    Learn how to maximize your landscape and gardening projects with Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants, the first guide to present native plant species readily available across the state. This comprehensive resource features 200 plants selected for availability, hardiness, popularity, and ease of use. Lavishly illustrated, it provides detailed information on appearance, range, distribution, best features, companion plants, similar species, disadvantages, and culture. Suitable for landscape professionals, nursery specialists, restoration experts, home gardeners, and horticulturists, this guide is essential for informed decisions on native plant selection and use.

    Gil Nelson, a writer, naturalist, and educator based in Tallahassee, Florida, authored numerous books, including Ferns of Florida, Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida, Trees of Florida, and coauthored the National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida, the National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Southeast, and Florida Wetland Plants.

    SP 434. 432 pages. $34.95. ISBN 13: 978-0-8130-2644-2. ISBN 10: 0-8130-2644-X
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  • Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles
    Florida's Incredible Wild Edibles

    Second Edition - Published in Cooperation with the Florida Native Plant Society

    From sassafras to dandelions to wild onions and garlic, readers will enjoy the flavors of the Sunshine State in an all-new way with this helpful book. Florida is filled with an abundance of native plants and roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds that can provide tasty and nutritious food for people. Salads, teas, soups, and even bread can be made from flora that grows wild and can be foraged throughout the year. This guide offers identification tips, recipes, and other useful information for foragers interested in venturing out to sample the bounty of the land. Provided are clear pen-and-ink illustrations to aid in identifying leaf, fruit, and root shapes - key to harvesting the delicious and interesting plants that can be found throughout the state.

    Pineapple Press; ISBN 978-1-68334-278-6; copyright 2021, 1993.

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  • Good Lawn Bugs
    Good Lawn Bugs

    Good Lawn Bugs spotlights the helpful creatures that live right under our feet. This pocket-sized (3” X 4”) ID deck is packed with information and full-color photos, including five different beetles, five “true” bugs, wasps, spiders, and even nematodes that can assist us in achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn. With definitions, benefits, and strategies of insect pest management (IPM), this is a great resource for anyone from the serious IPM practitioner to those just learning the value of controlling the insects that inhabit our lawns. The 24 identification cards are laminated and ring-bound, making them perfect for outside use. NEW!

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  • Kid's Guide to Florida-Friendly Landscaping
    Growing Up Florida-Friendly

    Growing Up Florida-Friendly: A Kid's Guide to the 9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™. This colorful, easy-to-read book is the perfect way to introduce youth to the nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™. Follow the travels of "Miss Flory" and FFL Kids Harriet and Russell as they learn to create vibrant, sustainable landscapes through efficient water use, mulching, distinguishing good bugs from bad bugs, recycling waste, and other important FFL practices. Written and illustrated by Florida Master Gardener Volunteers, this delightful book can be shared by children and adults, in the classroom and at home.

    By Kim Pepitone Cottrell
    Illustrated by Evelyn Lavaughn Davis
    58 pages, full color. Copyright 2020.

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  • Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus
    Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus

    Revised and expanded 2nd edition, October 2019

    Developed to assist citrus growers in identifying weeds commonly found in citrus operations throughout Florida, the second edition of this publication has been greatly expanded to include 99 weed species, encompassing broadleaf weeds, dayflowers, grasses, sedges, and vines. Full-color photos and descriptions of plant characteristics include plant form and height, life cycle, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit, seeds, distribution, and other information. Pocket-sized and durable, this is a valuable resource for any Florida citrus grove.

    Also a useful tool for homeowners, naturalists, and gardeners, who may encounter these weeds not just in agricultural fields!

    By Stephen H. Futch, David W. Hall and Brent Sellers
    6" x 4.5", ring bound, ISBN: 978-1-949197-07-5




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