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  • Alien Insect Invaders poster
    Alien Insect Invaders poster
    Explore the intersection of kitschy B-movies and entomology through this lively and educational poster. Learn about the common thread among a variety of insects – all invaders of Florida from other regions. Uncover the unique stories behind fire ants, lovebugs, and five other intriguing species, delving into their origins and understanding the potential effects they may have on the ecosystem. Full-color, 12" x 18" poster.

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  • Amazing Mosquitoes English Language edition
    Amazing Mosquitoes

    By Irka Blosser and Yoosook Lee

    Explore the world of mosquitoes – these tiny creatures aren't just annoying, but truly fascinating! We hope that by the end of this book, you'll share our enthusiasm.

    Join Ivy on her journey as she accompanies her mom on a field trip to collect mosquitoes and discover the wonders of these remarkable insects.

    This book is crafted by two passionate scientists specializing in mosquito biology, Dr. Irka Blosser, a mosquito ecologist and illustrator, and Dr. Yoosook Lee, a geneticist at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory. They've dedicated countless hours in the lab and field, enduring mosquito bites, to bring you this book. They genuinely hope you find as much joy in reading it as they did in creating it.

    Copyright 2023; ISBN 978-1-365-24346-2

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  • Xerces Society Guide Attracting Native Pollinators
    Attracting Native Pollinators (Xerces Society Guide)
    From the publisher:

    Bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, flies, and some beetles pollinate more than 70 percent of flowering plants, yet North America's native pollinators confront numerous threats to their health and habitat. The Xerces Society presents a comprehensive action plan for safeguarding these industrious animals by offering flowering habitat and nesting sites.

    Published by Storey Publishing. ISBN 978-1-60342-695-4, 372 pages, 2011.
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  • Backyard Bugs An Identification Guide to Common Insects, Spiders, and More
    Backyard Bugs
    By Jaret C. Daniels

    From the publisher:

    How often have you come across a bug and pondered, "What in the world is that?" Here's an effortless and enjoyable method to identify the bugs in your backyard.
    Renowned entomology and nature author Jaret C. Daniels introduces a straightforward yet informative guide to backyard bugs in the United States and southern Canada. With over 150 species categorized by their typical locations, such as around lights or on flowers, this captivating book encompasses everything from ants and mosquitoes to spiders.

    Published by Adventure Publications. ISBN 978-1-59193-685-5. 224 pages, 2017.

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  • Beneficial Insect Poster
    Beneficial Insect Poster
    To spray or not to spray? That is the question. Illuminate your decision-making with this vibrant poster showcasing fifteen of Florida's beneficial insects and invertebrates. Save time, money, and energy by protecting these natural insect allies. Perfect for classrooms, homes, plant nurseries, or businesses, this 17x21 wall poster is a practical guide to promote a harmonious approach to pest management.
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  • Biting and Stinging Arthropods
    Biting and Stinging Arthropods
    Vibrant, colorful photos aid in identifying 13 painful pests, including scorpions, spiders, and bees. This full-color, 12" x 18" poster features colorful close-ups, actual-size indicators, and descriptive text for comprehensive pest awareness.
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  • Biting and Stinging Arthropods & Bloodsucking Arthropods
    Biting and Stinging Arthropods & Bloodsucking Arthropods

    This booklet is based on two posters from our popular pest poster series. The first section covers 13 insects and other arthropods that bite or sting. The second section covers a variety of bloodsuckers such as mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and bedbugs, totaling 17. It includes all the detailed, color photos found on the posters, plus additional information on habitat, biology, behavior, and distribution. Take it anywhere: The handy 6" x 4'' spiral-bound format makes this your ideal field guide to biting, stinging, and bloodsucking pests. 


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  • Bloodsucking Arthropods
    Bloodsucking Arthropods
    Vivid and detailed photos unmistakably showcase 13 insects, three ticks, and a mite, all bloodsuckers of humans and/or animals. The poster features large close-up images, descriptive text, and actual-size indicators, providing comprehensive information in a full-color, 12" x 18" format.

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  • Build a Bug Kit
    Build-a-Bug Kit
    Build-a-Bug is a group activity designed to educate both youth and adults about insects and their anatomy. In this engaging competition, each team races to assemble four insect bodies using matching anatomical parts, with the first group to complete all four correctly declared the winner!

    Each Build-a-Bug kit includes 21 laminated sheets featuring full-color illustrations of agriculturally significant insects such as ants, thrips, hornworms, stink bugs, weevils, mealybugs, katydids, and aphids. The insect parts can be easily cut out from the sheets and reused. The kit also provides instructions and hoop-and-loop fastener dots for straightforward assembly.

    Ideal for schools, camp activities, and outreach programs, Build-a-Bug is not only instructive but also a fun and interactive learning experience!

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  • Butterflies Quick Reference
    Butterflies of the South & Southeast
    From Adventure Publications:
    Whether you're in the backyard, tending to your garden, or out and about, keep this convenient butterfly guide close at hand. Designed for ease of use, the tabbed booklet is organized by color for quick identification. Narrow your choices by color, and view just a few butterflies at a time. The professional photographs showcase more than 100 species—from duskywings to swallowtails.
    Simple and convenient—narrow your choices by color, and view just a few species at a time.
    Pocket-size format—easier than laminated foldouts
    Professional photos showing key markings
    Easy-to-use information for even casual observers
    Size ranges for quick comparison and identification
    The basics of butterfly and moth anatomy

    By Jaret C. Daniels, ISBN 978-1-64755-213-8, copyright 2021. Spiral-bound.

    Price: $9.95
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  • Cockroach Nymphs
    Cockroach Nymphs
    Detailed, large-format photos illustrate the nymphal stages of 11 diverse cockroach species, providing valuable insights and serving as an excellent complement to the SP 402 Cockroaches poster. Clear depictions of size relationships among the first, third, and fifth nymphal stages enhance understanding. Actual-size indicators on this full-color, 12" x 18" poster offer a comprehensive view of cockroach development.
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  • Cockroaches
    Detailed, enlarged photos showcase 12 cockroach species, highlighting their distinctive features. This full-color, 12" x 18" poster includes visuals of egg cases, male/female pairs, and informative text for easy identification.
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  • Native Bees Quick Guide
    Common Native Bees of the Eastern United States
    From Adventure Publications:
    Bees are cherished visitors in gardens and play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. We embrace their presence and honor their essential role as pollinators, contributing to the flourishing of flowers, plants, and trees. Keep this convenient guide close at hand if you spot bees in your area. Organized by groups for quick identification, the booklet allows you to narrow down choices and view a few bees at a time. Featuring professional photographs showcasing 160 species, including bee look-alikes such as beetles, hoverflies, and wasps, this pocket-size guide is designed for easy use. It provides key markings, making it accessible even for casual observers. Authored by Heather Holm, an award-winning biologist and pollinator conservationist, the booklet includes her "Top 10 Things You Can Do for Bees."

    By Heather Holm, ISBN 978-1-64755-158-2, copyright 2022. Spiral-bound.

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  • Common Scales and Mealybugs
    Common Scales and Mealybugs
    Large, detailed photos vividly portray 13 distinct scale insects and five different mealybugs in their natural habitat on host plants. The scales are categorized by type, encompassing armored, soft, and six other varieties. Sizes are clearly indicated as fractions of an inch on this full-color 12" x 18" poster.
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  • Common Termites in Structures
    Common Termites in Structures
    Large, detailed photos vividly showcase four distinct termite castes, including alates and soldiers, alongside images of wood damage and feces. Additional close-ups, actual-size indicators, and descriptive text provide comprehensive insights in this full-color, 12" x 18" poster.

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  • Forensic entomology Crime-Solving with Insects
    CSI: Crime-Solving with Insects
    Discover the mysteries of forensic entomology with this revealing poster. Explore insect connections to death, delve into post-mortem interval estimation, and immerse in captivating field insights. Caution: Graphic visuals depicting human decomposition; not suitable for younger students. Full-color, 12" x 18" poster. SP 425.
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  • Do You Have Bed Bugs?
    Do You Have Bed Bugs?
    Photos and text describe where to look for bed bugs and how to identify them in their habitat. Includes steps to take when confronted with a bed bug infestation. The poster is targeted to tourism industry workers employed in hotels, motels, and other types of lodging but is useful to anyone who needs to learn more about bed bugs. Full-color, 12" x 18" poster.
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  • Dragonflies
    Dragonflies Q&A Guide
    If you've ever marveled at the sight of a dragonfly in the wild and pondered the intricacies of its life, you're not alone. Dragonflies have captivated human curiosity, admiration, and even sparked a bit of fear for centuries. Dragonflies: A Q & A Guide is your compact and accessible resource, offering answers to all your dragonfly-related questions, spanning from ancient myths to cutting-edge scientific insights. Whether you're looking to delve into specific topics or read cover to cover, this book provides a lively and illustrated journey into the world of dragonflies.

    Key features include:

    Easy-to-read format for quick reference or continuous reading
    Answers to hundreds of questions about dragonflies, covering their anatomy, history, and life cycle
    Stunning color photos showcasing dragonflies in their natural habitats
    Special sections highlighting record-breaking dragonflies and the intriguing relationship between dragonflies and humans
    By Ann Cooper, ISBN 978-0-8117-1326-9, copyright 2014.

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  • Entomology: The Study of Insects
    Entomology: The Study of Insects
    Basic entomology in a nutshell. Appearance, behavior and biology - this poster covers these and more elementary insect facts. Insect parts are magnified and clearly labeled. Wonderful resource for curious youngsters just getting started in the fascinating world of entomology. Full-color, 12" x 18" poster.

    Price: $5.00
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  • Essential Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners poster
    Essential Mosquito Control Tips for Homeowners poster
    Mosquitoes pose more than just a nuisance—they are a significant public health hazard. Thankfully, homeowners can easily diminish mosquito populations in their homes and gardens by following the simple steps illustrated in this 16" x 11" infographic poster.

    Price: $5.00
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