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  • 4-H Betsy the Barred Rock Hen picture book
    Betsy the Barred Rock Hen

    A delightful children's book by Dr. Chris D. DeCubellis from the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Program with illustrations by Heather Griffith. Follow Betsy's feathered journey through clucks, cuddles, and unexpected triumphs at the county fair. This heartwarming tale introduces young minds to the world of 4-H while imparting valuable life lessons about care, gentleness, and the endless possibilities found in embracing new experiences. Join Betsy and David on a charming adventure where every page is an egg-citing journey of feathered fun!

    Dimensions: 7"x7", Print length: 13 pages.

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  • Poisonous Pasture Plants of Florida
    Poisonous Pasture Plants of Florida
    Brent A. Sellers and Jason A. Ferrell present a pocket-sized deck highlighting 31 of Florida's prevalent pasture plants crucial for understanding their impact on livestock health, behavior, and yield. The full-color, laminated cards showcase each plant with photos and details on identifying characteristics, life cycle, poisonous parts, toxic principles, and the livestock affected. Additionally, the deck includes a common names index and information on toxicity types along with guidance on what to do in case of suspected poisoning. This ring-bound set comprises 35 cards.
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  • Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States
    Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States
    Identification guide for common poisonous plants in the Southern United States, specifically found along fence lines and in pastures. Authored by John W. Everest, Thomas A. Powe, Jr., and John D. Freeman of Auburn University. 51 pages.

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  • Woman feeding chicken in a chicken coop
    Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs
    It's easy to see why more people today are raising their own backyard chicken flocks—they're a great source of fresh eggs and a fun way to learn about caring for animals, self-sufficiency, and connecting with where our food comes from. With careful planning, they can even provide a source of trade or income.

    This UF/IFAS Extension guide offers a concise introduction to raising your own backyard flocks, covering information on local ordinances, building coops, feeding your chickens, protecting your flock from predators, selecting breeds, gathering eggs, keeping your birds healthy, and more. Whether you want to start a business, bring eggs to the breakfast table, or welcome new pets into your family, this book is the perfect starting place.
    32 pp. 
    By Mary Henry, Jessica Ryals, Alicia Halbritter, and Derek Barber


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