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Florida's Carnivorous Plants

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From Pineapple Press:
Learn about Florida's endemic carnivorous plants in this exciting book written for the budding naturalist and hobbyist. Florida has dozens of native species of carnivorous plants - more than any other state in the United States - including sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, and pitcher plants. These plants use appealing scents, leaves, and sticky fluids to trap and imprison insects. Digestive fluids then absorb the prey, giving the plant its nutrients. Many of these plants can be grown at home in the backyard, in rain gardens, or in some cases on the windowsill.

This book provides an identification and growing guide for the major genera of carnivorous plants found in Florida. Each species description includes etymology, a history of the plant's discovery highlighting diverse scientists, anatomy, habitat range, and popular cultivars for beginners. Tables include soil requirements, types of potting, water level, amount of light, dormancy and temperature requirements, and propagation tips. A glossary provides readers with the tools to learn botanical jargon to improve their identification skills.

By Kenny Coogan, ISBN 978-1-68334-297-7, copyright 2022.

Florida's Carnivorous Plants

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