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Eggs Cookbook

Eggs Cookbook

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Eggs: 50 Tried & True Recipes 
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From Adventure Publications:
Packed with protein, eggs are the perfect breakfast food - yet we can make them a wholesome part of any meal. Eggs features 50 tried-and-true recipes for everyone who appreciates the yolk's distinguishable taste paired with the white's mild flavor. Add this cookbook to your collection, and take your egg-based dishes to another level of flavorful goodness.

Inside you'll fine:
  • 50 recipes - tests and tasted by the author, a professional food stylist
  • Breakfast, breads, entrees, sides, and more
  • Full-color photography from a professional food photographer
  • BONUS: Introduction to egg types and basic tips for cooking eggs

By Julia Rutland, ISBN: 978-1-64755-232-9; 136 pages

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