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The Biology Behind the Plants You Love, How They Grow, and What They Need

The Biology Behind the Plants You Love, How They Grow, and What They Need

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A Gardener's Guide to Botany 
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From Cool Spring Press:
A fascinating and in-depth look at the endless wonders of the plant kingdom. Join botanist Scott Zona on a journey into the incredible world of plants. This book is a fun botanical romp that introduces the science behind how and why plants are at the foundation of all life on Earth. In layman's language, you'll unearth what separates plants from people and how the adaptations they've developed over eons influence what plants look like today and how they grown and survive in a tremendous diversity of climates. Lush illustrations and full-color photography of some of the world's most captivating plants (and plenty of common ones, too) will leave you even more in love with plants than you were when you cracked open the very first page.
Discover the chlorophyll-infused science behind how plants:
  • React to their environment to adapt and "know" when it's ideal for supporting growth
  • Access water and nutrients, including through partnerships with other living organisms
  • Reproduce in ingenious and astonishing ways, both with and without sex
  • Disperse their genes via seeds spread by wind, water, animals, or even by the plant itself
  • Protect themselves from predators with defenses like spines, waxes, and toxic compounds such as cyanide, cocaine, nicotine, quinine, and many others
  • Communicate with each other - and with other living organisms both above and below the ground - through chemical messaging systems
Whether you're an advanced gardener with acres of green to tend or a new plant parent with a single fern on a windowsill, this is a revelatory look at what makes plants tick. Join Dr. Zona on a beautiful botanical adventure.
By Scott Zona, ISBN 978-0-7603-7445-0, copyright 2023.
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