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Soil Science for Gardeners

Soil Science for Gardeners

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Soil Science for Gardeners 
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From New Society Publishers:
This book is an accessible, science-based guide to understanding soil fertility and, in particular, the rhizosphere - the thin layer of liquid and soil surrounding plant roots, so vital to plant health.
Robert Pavlis, a gardener for over four decades, debunks common soil myths, explores the rhizospher, and provides a personalized soil fertility improvement program in this three-part popular science guidebook. Coverage includes:
  • Soil biology and chemistry and how plants and soil interact
  • Common soil health problems, including analyzing soil's fertility and plant nutrients
  • The creation of a personalized plan for improving your soil fertility, including setting priorities and goals in a cost-effective, realistic time frame
  • Creating the optimal conditions for nature to do the heavy lifting of building soil fertility

Written for the home gardener, market gardener, and micro-farmer, Soil Science for Gardeners is packed with information to help you grow thriving plants. 

By Robert Pavlis, ISBN 978-0-86571-930-9, copyright 2020
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