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Keeping the Pressure Down

Keeping the Pressure Down

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Keeping the Pressure Down 
SP 461

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Keeping the Pressure Down is an eight-lesson group education program designed to help persons at risk for high blood pressure and those who already have this condition make healthy lifestyle choices to lower their blood pressure and reduce their health risks.

Lessons include:
* Evaluating Your Risk
* Decoding Food Labels
* Building Activity Into Your Life
* Enhancing Your Lifestyle
* DASHing Toward a Healthier Diet
* Reforming Our Recipes
* DASH Diet: Balancing Minerals
* Eating Out Sensibly

This curriculum CD includes:
* Educator's Guide
* Recruitment brochure
* Forms, logos, and other program-related materials
* Post-test and followup surveys for program evaluation
* Each lesson includes background information for the educator, lesson plan with hands-on activities, PowerPoint slides, and consumer handouts.
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