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Munchy Adventures with Chef Nicky

Munchy Adventures with Chef Nicky

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Munchy Adventures 4-H Project Book 

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Chef Nicky is back! Everyone’s favorite health-minded guinea pig has returned with a new adventure filled with challenges, puzzles, fun physical activities and games, recipes and more! Munchy Adventures is designed to inspire children ages 8-10 to be more aware of the importance of eating healthy foods and being physically active every day to grow and stay healthy.

In 5 fun-filled chapters, Chef Nicky and his friends lead a fun-filled journey through:

  • The five basic food groups with MyPlate
  • How to learn nutrition facts about the food we eat
  • How to start a garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables
  • How to get the right amount of energy and nutrients to stay active, grow properly and stay healthy
  • How to be physically active all day, every day

Perfect for 4-H clubs and after school programs, Munchy Adventures is a great way to teach kids the importance of nutrition and set them on the lifelong path to health and wellness.


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