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Insect Galls of Florida

Insect Galls of Florida

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Insect Galls of Florida 
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Amanda Hodges, Eileen Buss, Russell F. Mizell, III

Plant gall formation is important for many insects, but very little information is available concerning the life cycle and identification for these species. Insect Galls of Florida is a compilation of available description, host plant, known U.S. and Florida-specific distribution, and life-cycle information for insect galls that have been reported in Florida. Approximately 140 photographs and 200 species summaries are provided in this publication. In order to assist the reader in using this guide, an index of host and species scientific and common names as well as a glossary of terms are included. In addition to insect galls occurring in Florida, some other plant symptoms and common types of noninsect galls are also provided for comparative reference. This book will be useful for extension specialists throughout the southeastern U.S. as an additional source for gall identification information.
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