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Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener

Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener

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Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener 
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From University Press of Florida:
    Ideal for gardeners new to Florida and residents who want to try their hands at gardening for the first time, this starter guide helps readers learn to grow plants in the state's unique natural environment. Botanist and lifelong gardener Ginny Stibolt shares helpful stories, advice, and tips from her own experience moving to Florida, where she discovered that the rules she had followed for years did not apply.
        Stibolt tells readers what they can do to avoid the beginner mistakes she made and dispels common misconceptions about which plants to grow and how to grow them in Florida. Introducing Florida's water features, natural areas, and native plant communities, Stibolt shows what a "Real Florida" landscape looks like and explains how working with this knowledge makes gardening easier and more successful. She explores useful topics including gardening for birds and butterflies, growing food, composting, and stormwater management. Stibolt also points to resources for digging deeper into these and related subjects based on the reader's needs and location within the state.
        Full of friendly, reliable, and commonsense expertise, Adventures of a Transplanted Gardener sets aspiring growers on the fast track to cultivating plants that flourish in Florida. This book is the perfect resource for anyone interested in the challenges, rewards, and beauty of gardening in the Sunshine State.

By Ginny Sitbolt, ISBN 978-0-8130-6864-0, copyright 2022.               

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