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Retention Ponds Plants ID Deck

Retention Ponds Plants ID Deck

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Florida-Friendly Plants for Retention Ponds 
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By, and in loving memory of, Rebecca Jordi

Stormwater retention ponds are designed to control flooding and enhance water quality by filtering nutrients out of the rainwater washing across lawns, fields and pavements after storms. Unfortunately, the turfgrass embankments surrounding many retention ponds in Florida do an inadequate job of nutrient filtration, and so they become pools of green algae, invasive weeds and mosquitoes, which are unsightly, unhealthy and impair the function ponds are designed to have.

Creating a buffer zone of native and Florida-friendly plants around retention ponds will filter stormwater reaching the shoreline, reducing algae blooms and creating a beneficial ecosystem to improve pond appearance and service to the surrounding environment.

"Right plant, right place" is the first principle of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program, which works with communities around the state to develop sustainable approaches to creating beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes. Plant selection is particularly important for retention ponds because the planting area includes a dry slope and a littoral shelf with both shallow and deep water areas. This id deck is a guide to native and Florida-friendly plants that are uniquely suited for these areas.
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