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Composting for a New Generation 
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From Cool Springs Press:
Whether you garden on a small city lot or on a large country property, this book covers everything you need to know to make great compost quickly.

Composting is not just about reducing food and yard waster; it's also about improving the health of your soil and the productivity of your garden. Compost is full of nutrients and beneficial microbes that help plants thrive, but store-bought compost is expensive and often comes packaged in non-recyclable plastic bags. Instead of running to the store to purchase compost, learn how to make your own rich, earthy compost and watch your garden thrive!

Composting for a New Generation explains the complex science behind effective and efficient composting in layman's terms and includes detailed information on tried-and-true composting methods right along with new, innovative techniques. From traditional bin composting (including step-by-step instructions for building your own bin) and vermicomposting, to keyhold gardens and trench composting, you'll close the cover with all the knowledge needed to be an expert composter today. Plus, you'll learn how to use all that "homecooked" compost successfully. This is the most complete book to date on organic composting.

By Michelle Balz, photography by Anna Stockton, ISBN 9781591866923, 192 pages.

This was a previous selection for the Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Book Club

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