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Florida Weather and Climate

Florida Weather and Climate

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Florida Weather and ClimateĀ 
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From University Press of Florida:
Florida is home to two of the world's major types of climate - tropical wet-dry and humid subtropic. It ranks among the top states for tornadoes, and is more frequently affected by lightning and thunderstorms than any other state. Florida is vulnerable to fog, drought, and wildfires. And it is notorious for its most prominent natural event - the hurricane. This book explores the conditions, forces, and processes behind Florida's surprisingly varied and dynamic weather.

With many maps, helpful diagrams, and clear explanations, this book is an illuminating and accessible guide to Florida's dramatic weather and climate.

By Jennifer M. Collins, Robert V. Rohli, and Charles H. Paxton, ISBN 978-0-8130-6428-4, copyright 2017

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