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Pollinator Kit

Pollinator Kit

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Pollinator Safari Kit 
SP 550

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Pollinator Power! Safari Kit (SP 550)

Insects and other creatures that pollinate plants are vital to our food supply, but pollinators need our understanding and help to keep their populations from declining. 

This all-in-one, reusable learning lab combines a lesson plan designed by University of Florida experts for grades 5-8 with tools for hands-on learning about pollinators and how to grow a pollinator garden in your home or school. 

Kit includes:
1 flash drive with Pollinator Power! A Lesson Plan for Grades 5-8 and printable resources
3 bug jars
1 butterfly net
1 magnifier
1 set insect rubbing plates
1 set flower rubbing plates
1 UF/IFAS Extension drawstring bag

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Price: $50.00