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Extension Sticker Sheets 

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These fun, colorful sticker sheets promote Healthy Habits, Sustainability, and Money Management. Each sheet contains 7 themed stickers plus a bonus UF/IFAS Extension logo sticker. Sold in packs of 10, you can choose your favorite theme or get a mix of all 3!

Healthy Habits - blue background: 
Bike Safe! Always wear your helmet
"Bee" healthy
Play every day
My plate
Hands washed
Eat superfoods
It's cool to be healthy

Sustainability - green background:
Plant a tree
"Bee" green for cleaner air
Save water
Save energy - turn it off
Reduce waste - reuse
Let's recycle
It's your Earth. Keep it clean    

Money Management - orange background:
Super saver
Saving is cool
Save for a rainy day
Build your savings
Penny pincher
'stache your cash
Saving makes "cents"

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