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Florida Sea Grant Sea Turtles

Florida Sea Grant Sea Turtles

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One in a Thousand: Those Amazing Sea Turtles 
SGR 133

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Maia McGuire, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Mark Flint, Jaylene Flint

Illustrations by Dawn Witherington

A Florida Sea Grant publication

Sea turtles are among the most beloved creatures on our planet, but today they're also among the most endangered. One in a Thousand: Those Amazing Sea Turtles is a comprehensive, science-based chapter book that introduces young and adult audiences to the seven remaining sea turtle species in the world. Written by a team of marine education experts and lavishly illustrated, this book will spark interest in young readers while it informs adults about sea turtle biology and ecology, as well as efforts by scientists and wildlife conservationists to understand and protect these fascinating creatures.

6" x 9", 108pp.

ISBN: 978-0-916287-96-2

A 5th grade lesson plan that accompanies this book is available at http://stjohns.ifas.ufl.edu/sea/seaturtlecurriculum.html

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