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Homeflow is a series of research-based modules that explores the relationships between the health of the home and its occupants, communications between occupants, home maintenance and operations, energy and functional efficiency, and home safety routines. Homeflow is about how the home “flows” together as a unit, starting with communications between occupants and progressing to specific steps that can help your home function smoothly and efficiently.

The Homeflow DVD comes with everything you will need to conduct Homeflow teaching courses, including:
  • PowerPoint Presentation with Notes
  • Printable Workbook
  • Printable Resources booklet
  • Printable pocket pamphlet
  • Brochure
  • Instructional videos
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • Supplementary resources

You will also receive a set of 10 Workbooks and 25 Homeflow pocket pamphlets to use as part of the course.
Additional workbooks and pamphlets are available separately.
Homeflow is also available on a USB flashdrive.

NOTE: This program requires a usage license which must be renewed annually. Among other things, the usage license stipulates that you will submit to the developers pre- and post-tests as well as sign-in sheets so that you may receive annual followup statistics. Before completing purchase, you will be directed to licensing agreement, which must be agreed to as a condition of purchase. For more information, contact Dr. Randall A. Cantrell, homeflow@ifas.ufl.edu
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Price: $99.99 

After viewing the Homeflow License Agreement (opens PDF in new browser tab) you must check the "I agree to the terms" checkbox below in order to add Homeflow to your cart.

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