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Mosquitoes & Their Control

Mosquitoes & Their Control

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Mosquitoes & Their Control 
SP 498

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Integrated Pest Management for Mosquito Reduction Around Homes and Neighborhoods

SP 498

In Florida, mosquitoes are more than a nuisance—they can also transmit diseases that make them a public health hazard. This brief and colorful booklet gives you the buzz on mosquitoes—their habitats, life cycle and behavior, as well as how to control them—what works (and what doesn’t). Each booklet has a 12” x 9” centerfold poster with simple methods for reducing mosquito bites when you’re outdoors. Written by faculty at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory and mosquito control experts throughout the state, Mosquitoes & Their Control is a useful tool for informing the public about Florida’s “state bird.”

6” x 9”, 30 pp.

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