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ABC's of Entomology

ABC's of Entomology

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ABC's of Entomology 

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This curriculum was designed with the belief that 4-H can play a major role in increasing appreciation for insects, dispelling misconceptions about them, and in decreasing general fear by providing opportunities for youth to interact with insects in a non-threatening way. The curriculum is designed to provide hands-on activities that stress the positive and unique aspects of insects, so that participants' understanding and appreciation increases. The ABC's of Entomology seeks to provide youth with a basic knowledge and understanding of insects and their natural history, to increase awareness and appreciation of insects and the complex roles they have in nature, to stimulate critical and creative thinking, to provide experiences for youth to learn and apply scientific principles, and to provide opportunities for youth to develop valuable life skills. Available in CD format with print ready files.

SPEN 40.
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