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Fresh Water Fishes

Fresh Water Fishes

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Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida 
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From University Press of Florida:
This book is an essential identification guide to the 222 species of fishes in Florida's fresh waters. It includes recent discoveries, changes in taxonomy, marine species that enter Florida's fresh waters, and invasive species. Each species is presented with color photographs, key characteristics for identification, comparisons to similar species, habitat descriptions, and dot distribution maps. The authors have surveyed the extensive historical fish collections in ten natural history museums, providing a complete picture of the diversity and distributions of Florida's fishes.

Authors Robert H. Robins, Lawrence M. Page, James D. Williams, Zachary S. Randall, and Griffin E. Sheehy represent the phenomenal Florida Museum of Natural History.
Published by University Press of Florida. ISBN 9781683400332, 488 pp.  
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