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Pests In and Around the Southern Home
This handy, fully illustrated guide gives you a colorful, comprehensive look at insects and other pests that may creep, crawl or fly in and around your southern home. Complete habitat and life cycle information guides you through the habits of insects and other pests that inhabit the southeastern U.S.
Includes sections on:
  • Biting and bloodsucking arthropods
  • Stinging and venomous arthropods
  • Pests around food
  • Pests of fabric and wood
  • Occasional invaders
  • Turfgrass pests
  • Pests of landscape and ornamental plants
  • Vertebrate pests
331 pp.
This book is a new edition of Pests in and around the Florida Home (SP 134), revised and expanded to encompass the southeastern U.S.